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Quick & easy ways to improve your cyber security.

October 2, 2017

Nick Bell

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Cyber Security is the range of technologies, software solutions and best practices that act like a little army to protect your online presence, computer and IT infrastructure. Cyber security comes in so many forms and covers so many different facets of your technological presence. Whether you are an individual or a massive organisation, you still need to have a strong cyber security presence. Hackers do not discriminate so protecting yourself no matter how small you feel your loss could be is important. Pouring your blood sweat and tears into your business website aesthetics while ignoring the safety side, is a bit like building a beautiful hotel on a crumbling cliff; you are dicing with digital death.

Understanding the different components that make up a strong cyber security presence can be overwhelming so we have broken it down for you into bite sized chunks right here –

Anti-Virus for the Win

Anti-virus software is so clever that it actually makes us feel slightly inferior! It offers in-depth monitoring, takes preventative action to counter malware malice and keeps your website squeaky clean. We offer pretty sweet anti-virus protection, suitable for both individual websites and large business structures. For more info on our comprehensive offering click right here.

Teacher Knows Best

If you have a team of staff, it is up to you to educate them. A great idea is to induct new employees with their cyber security obligations, and then brush up on them regularly. You should cover things like password protection, social media security, reporting of suspicious activity and signs of viruses or malware. While you may be security savvy, it’s vital that you don’t assume that your team are too.

Back it Up Baby

Backing up your data is more so damage control than preventative action. In the highly unfortunate event that your system does come under fire, at least you can rest a little easier knowing that your important data is protected and encrypted.

Keep Updated

Make sure to keep on top of your anti-virus updates. By dragging your heels on the updates front, you are essentially giving hackers an easy “in”. While these nasty online ninjas will initially struggle with penetrating freshly updated software that has made advancements, they will become old hats at previous versions. So by not updating, you are making their life easier.

Cyber Security is a minefield but start with these pointers to have a best foot forward.